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Re: pf_policy -- what is it?


PF_POLICY would be a new socket protocol family used by privileged
policy applications to communicate with an operating system's policy
management internals.  PF_KEY is analogous to PF_ROUTE and PF_KEY.


Jari Arkko wrote:

> Hi. I couldn't make it to the IPSP WG meeting
> last monday due to some other meetings, but
> I noticed the following item in Luis Sanchez's
> "next steps" discussion:
>  >- Publish PF_POLICY draft
> May I ask what this is, in more detail? I can't
> find anything related to in the look that I have
> taken to the archives, nor did I find anything
> from relating to this from the internet drafts
> directory.
> Is this perhaps related to PF_KEY extensions, to
> cover policy (or to get rid of policy as I did
> once upon time in a now-expired I-D)? Or a
> new PF interface for conveying policy to a
> kernel? Or something else?
> Jari