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Re: Conference Call


Is it Wednesday May 2nd (then I cannot attend) or Thursday May 3rd (then I
can attend) ?

I do appreciate the timing which is convenient for Europe ;-)

Regarding the agenda, I guess it will be for the open points:
- use of granularity (the authors want to keep it like it is in -02 for
  simplicity sake)
- multiple actions: is it needed ? is it useful ? how to implement it ?
  (the authors have a current proposal that should be checked by the WG)
- use of filters for dynamic ports negotiation (the authorq want to keep 
  it like it is in -02 for simplicity sake and for RFC 2401 & Co compliance)
- ...



At 15:21 26/04/2001 -0700, Jason, Jamie wrote:
>The authors of the IPsec Policy Configuration Model would like to have a
>conference call to work out issues that were brought up during the IPSP WG
>meeting in Minneapolis.  The conference call will be on Thursday, May 2 at
>8:00 PDT.  It is expected that the people in the cc: list will be the ones
>most interested in participating, but it is open to the entire WG.  If you
>would like to participate, please email me directly so I can get a count for
>when I shedule the conference call through our local IT group.  I'll post
>details about the call when I get them...unfortunately, I don't think that
>our conference calls are toll-free.
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