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Re: ipsp-config-policy-model Questions

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Vyncke <evyncke@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Eric> At 13:08 18/07/2001 -0700, Michael Baer wrote:
    >> In a given set of SATransforms within a negotiated SA Action,
    >> there could be as many as 3 different values for
    >> maxLifetimeSeconds and maxLifetimeKilobytes (one set from each
    >> of a AHTransform, ESPTransform, and IPcomp Transform) for an
    >> SA. I would assume that the minimum of the 3 value from each of
    >> these would be the value to use, but this should probably be
    >> explicitly stated somewhere in the model (maybe in the
    >> SATransform class or the IPsecProposal class?).

    Eric> AFAIK, there will be 3 SA pairs: 1 SA pair for ESP, 1 SA
    Eric> pair for AH and 1 SA pair for IPcomp. Each of those SA will
    Eric> get its own MaxLifetimeSeconds property inherited from
    Eric> SATransform.

I just made the Homer Simpson 'Doh' sound.

    >> In the SAStaticAction Class a similar problem exists. Including
    >> the value from SAStaticAction, the value from the sub-class
    >> PreconfiguredSAAction and the values from possibly 3 different
    >> SATransform objects, 4 different values of maxLifetimeSeconds
    >> and maxLifetimeKilobytes can exist for an SA. Should the
    >> PreconfiguredSAAction's object lifetime values override the
    >> SATransforms lifetime values or should the minimum of the 4
    >> possible values be used? or possibly a different method? I see
    >> advantages to either method above, but one should probably be
    >> stated in the model.

    Eric> See above

Thanks for your response. I see how I wasn't thinking straight about
the 3 possible SA'S in a negotiated action above (sigh), but I still
don't understand the maxLifetime values in a preconfiguredSAACtion. If
the Action has maxLifetime values and each SA Transform has
maxLifetime values, which value is used for a given SA? (the
SATransform's, the preconfiguredSAACtion's, or the minimum of the

Michael Baer
NAI Labs