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why i should like pibs

wearing my iesg hat but being just a stupid operator, i am trying to
understand the pib/mib controversy.  fyi, i currently use snmp heavily
for monitoring devices on my network.  i configure using large db-driven
code and spew text-based cli to the devices.

let's assume i want to take the leap to a binary, as opposed to textual,
configuration language.  i.e. for some reason(s) [which we will PLEASE
NOT discuss here] i decide to move from pushing text-based cli configs
out to pushing a binary format.

hence, i would have to push my vendors to implement snmp/cops writes for
all configuration aspects of all devices.  this would be big cost for
both me and for my vendors.

why would cops/pibs be significantly better (remember it has to replace
my current investment, so it can not be 'just as good') than snmp/mibs?