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Does the IPSec Policy Model or PCIM define how to uniquely identify an
instance of a class?

For example, the following is a cut an paste from the -05:

4.7.2. The Reference GroupComponent

   The property GroupComponent is inherited from PolicyRuleInPolicyGroup
   and is overridden to refer to an IPsecPolicyGroup instance.  The
   [1..1] cardinality indicates that a SARule instance may be contained
   in one and only one IPsecPolicyGroup instance (i.e., SARules are not
   shared across IPsecPolicyGroups).

What determines a unique instance of an SARule?  Should the model have
something similar to the INDEX definition is used in MIBs?

I am currently using the rule name to uniquely identify a rule and realized
that this was may not have been what was intended in the model.  I did a
quick review of PCIM and found no clues there either.