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IPsec SA mode per transform in IPSEC-IKEACTION-MIB


How can I define an IPsec action which points to IPsec proposals with 
different modes (tunnel or transport) for IPsec SA to be negotiated?

For example, consider the following proposal list:
"((ESP-3DES-tunnel OR ESP-DES-tunnel) AND (AH-SHA1-transport)) OR 
(ESP-3DES-tunnel OR ESP-3DES-transport)":

Proposal1 (ESP):
	Transform1 (3DES, tunnel)
	Transform2 (DES, tunnel)
Proposal1 (AH):
	Transform1 (SHA1, transport)
Proposal2 (ESP)
	Transform1 (3DES, tunnel)
	Transform2 (3DES, transport)

Are these proposals expressable by IPSEC-IKEACTION-MIB?

The only element which defines SA mode (tunnel, transport) is  
ipiaIpsecActMode in ipiaIpsecActionEntry. 

There is no property "mode" per transform or per proposal in 

Is the ipiaIpsecActionEntry designed to be compliant with IKEv2 where SA mode 
is per SA payload (per IPsec action)?