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Re: Per packet information extension?

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   rfc2401bis and IKEv2 mention that the addresses and ports of the
   triggering packet are passed in local and remote selectors as first

   I find this somewhat inconvenient, and would prefer to pass this part
   more compactly in a separate extension, containing:
    - src address
    - dst address
    - src port
    - dst port
=> + protocol

   This is more compact than using TS, because in TS we end up using
   ranges, and it would take double space.
=> I don't understand your concern: do you like to modify IKEv2
because a TS pair is too large or do you address an issue in
BTW for MIPv6 support I proposed to add similar infos to ACQUIRE
messages, there are three solutions:
 - put the whole triggering packet
 - put enough of it (my proposal)
 - put a summary of it (i.e., extract the infos in the kernel).
The extension (SADB_X_EXT_PACKET) should be in the next version
of draft-sugimoto-mip6-pfkey-migrate-xx.txt. The idea is simple:
the IKE daemon gets the triggering packet, recognizes a home
registration binding update and launches the phase one with
the right address (the care-of address) when stupid application
of the SPD gives the wrong one (the home address, usable only
after the home registration).