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Re: Testing of SCEP client

We strongly recommend that you test with at least Microsoft and Verisign CAs. Microsoft uses RA mode and verisign does not. By testing with both you know you code will be able to handle either type of CA.

bin liu wrote:
Hi Aravind,
You can also try Verisign's 60 day test drive in
we have just tested our scep client with it and MS CA,
as well as OpenSCEP, they are all working fine.

Eric Liu
Vanguard Management Solution

--- Miguel Rodriguez <mars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Try using the MS Certificate Server (which is a CA)
distributed with the
Win 2K server platform. To enable the SCEP server
functionality you must
run a setup (cepsetup.exe) included in the Win 2K
server resource kit
CD. This SCEP server is an ISAPI filter that will
receive your SCEP
requests communicating with the MS Certificate

Miguel A Rodriguez

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Hi all,

I am new to this mailing list.Recently we added SCEP client functionality in our SOHO firewall/vpn box.So i want to test this SCEP client functionality.I tried with OpenSCEP since 3 weeks.But no result.Is there any other companies provide SCEP server and CA server functionality freely so that i can test my box.

Thanks in Advance,



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